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Re: Cocotron used for a real-world app

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: Cocotron used for a real-world app
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 16:35:11 +0000

Possibly. But then they will need to install a virtual machine anyway to test the Windows port ...

Just for clarification: this is *much* less trouble than described. All OSX VMs can expose the local OSX folders to Windows,

Sure - the gnustep-make route is also much less trouble then, since you can type 'make' inside the shared Xcode folder
directly without having to copy anything ;-)

Additionally the build system of Xcode is quite a bit faster

Well, yes, Xcode will certainly have all of GCC and the binutils/ linker chain very optimized if you build for anything Apple; but to cross-compile to Windows, Cocotron use their own compiler and linker - taken from the very same pool of GNU tools that GNUstep uses - so I don't expect you'll see much difference
between Cocotron and GNUstep here. ;-)

Anyway, you have good points that cross-compiling from Xcode might be appealing to some people. :-)

It wouldn't be difficult to set up a similar thing for cross-compiling from Apple to Windows using GNUstep. You need to get a MinGW cross-compilation environment running on your Apple, then get the GNUstep libraries in it. Then tell Xcode to use the cross-compilation compiler. :-)


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