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Re: Cocotron used for a real-world app

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: Cocotron used for a real-world app
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 16:13:32 +0000

One of the points no one talked about is the easiness with which you can distribute a Windows app built with Cocotron: you zip the .app folder, copy and unzip it on another Windows machine and here you are: no need to install anything else: no library, no service, no registry modification! Maybe I'm wrong, as I haven't worked with GNUstep since years, but IIRC for a GNUstep app to work on Windows, you need to install several DLLs and their related resource files, and need to install some services (for DO, etc.). With Cocotron, your app is self-contained, like Mac apps.

OK - good point

[PS: you can do all that (self-contained Windows app) with GNUstep as well. We worked on it a lot last year. :-)
But it's not as streamlined as in Cocotron - yet -, I suppose]

I agree that GNUstep maturity is better that Cocotron, but the Cocotron experience on Windows is much better than what you want to agree with; it should help you to make GNUstep better on Windows, not only in term of API, but also in term of user experience.


That's a useful suggestion.

Btw, sorry for being a bit pushy on the Cocotron guys/project (good luck guys!), it just felt like nobody had even mentioned or considered all the work and effort that we (GNUstep) put into the Windows port
in the last few years. ;-)

There's a lot you can do with GNUstep on Windows now.  A massive lot.


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