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From: Philip G Batchelor
Subject: environment
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2011 19:19:04 +0100
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I have a question, sorry in advance for my ignorance of the context.

I just installed GNUStep on my Ubuntu system, with the aim of trying to compile Osirix. After lots of Google searches, I got the impression that it wasn't done often, but someone might have been successful.

I first installed GNUStep from Ubuntu repositories, but I was still missing a tool to generate Makefiles for Osirix as it is using xcode (a concept I don't know well, I have never had OSX). From further googling, I found remarks about a tool called pbxbuild, but it wasn't in the Ubuntu repository as far as I can tell, thus I uninstalled and used the svn GNUStep--which does contain it. But when I runt it on the Osirix.xcodeproj, I get:

>pbxbuild OsiriX.xcodeproj/
2011-08-12 19:13:04.619 pbxbuild[19549] Warning: Unknown reference type 'XCVersionGroup' in PBXGroup! 2011-08-12 19:13:04.933 pbxbuild[19549] File NSData.m: 161. In readContentsOfFile Open ((null)) attempt failed - bad path

I guess something is wrong with a path? I did run GNUstep.sh
I also see mentions of zcode, what's the status compared to pbxbuild?

Thanks in advance


PS: more details:
I managed to compile GNUStep (make, base,gui,back) , and install as recommended, and indeed, it seems the environment I get doesn't correspond to what is described in ./core/make/GNUstep-HOWTO

I had installed with ./configure without prefix. After that failure I retried ./configure --prefix=/usr/local

I did run the recommended script GNUStep.sh, and as this didn't help, I was going to try to set environment variables manually, but for example the HOWTO says to set:

the problem is I can't find a System/Tools folder!?

Would anyone have a hint of something to try? I'm thinking I need to clean my environment from previous installation attempts somehow anyway, but I might also have missed a compilation-install step.

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