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RE: File menu changes (suggestions)

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: File menu changes (suggestions)
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 13:48:05 -0700

    We are miscommunicating: I didn't mean the name of the Lisp function,
    I meant the command name that appears in the menu.

    > - The command name is irrelevant here.

    I disagree.

Obviously, if I thought you were speaking of the Lisp command name, then
that is what I meant was irrelevant here. And the menu command name is
obviously relevant to the menu command name (!). And the rest of the line
you quote read "Again: `yank'.", making it even clearer that I meant that
the Lisp command name was irrelevant to the menu command name. Is that what
you disagree with?

    >     > 5. Move all of the window and frame stuff to a new
    >     >    menu, "Frames".
    >     Not good: we have a crammed menu bar already, adding more
    >     top-level
    >     items would only make things worse with no real advantage.
    > Agreed. But 1) this stuff has little to do with "File"; 2) use of a
    > "Windows" menu, having a similar purpose, is common in other apps;

    Richard didn't want that, since in Emacs, `window' means something

I proposed "Frames", not "Windows" - see just above. I simply mentioned that
a menu (called "Windows") with a similar purpose is a common occurrence.

    > Another possible renaming I forgot to mention is "Split
      Window". The window
    > is not split to result in a single window with a divider.
      "New Window" would
    > be a better name for this menu item.

    I think other applications use the same name.  Perhaps just "Split"
    would be better, I don't know.

Verbs without objects in the File menu should, by default, refer to the
default object for that menu, which is the current file/buffer. "Split" by
itself would not suggest that a new window was to be created. It might
suggest that the current file/buffer would be split, but that is not what

What's wrong with "New Window" for the menu command to create a new window?

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