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info.el patch to open node in new window [was: generate 3) S-mouse-2: fo

From: Drew Adams
Subject: info.el patch to open node in new window [was: generate 3) S-mouse-2: follow link in new window]
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 16:39:26 -0700

> > > (defun Info-mouse-follow-nearest-node-new-window (click)
> > >     "Open the link at the mouse pointer in a new window."
> > >     (interactive "e")
> > >     (Info-mouse-follow-nearest-node click t)) ; t no good now
> > >
> > > But that particular implementation no longer works, because
> > > someone over the course of Emacs 22 development removed the
> > > optional FORK argument to `Info-follow-nearest-node' and
> > > `Info-mouse-follow-nearest-node'. (Why?)
> >
> > `Info-mouse-follow-nearest-node' never had the FORK argument.
> > `Info-follow-nearest-node' still has it, but there were plans to
> > remove it.
> You're right, on both counts. I think I left in the above code hoping that
> FORK would be added in response to my request for it: 2006-01-08, Subject
> "Info-mouse-follow-nearest-node should take prefix arg to fork". I had
> forgotten that thread. Richard's response was to wait until after the
> release (22). Your response was that FORK was a deprecated feature
> (presumably you were referring to the non-mouse command).

I was wrong. I had forgotten that I had (trivially) redefined
`Info-mouse-follow-nearest-node' to accept the optional FORK arg and pass it
to `Info-try-follow-nearest-node'. The reason my code was no longer working
was that I had made another, conflicting mouse binding elsewhere - my bad.

It works fine now. Attached are patches for info.el and etc/NEWS to add
these two commands:

* Info-follow-nearest-node-other-window
* Info-mouse-follow-nearest-node-other-window

It binds the former to `S-RET' and the latter to `S-down-mouse-2'.

Change log entry:

* info.el (Info-follow-nearest-node)
  (Info-mouse-follow-nearest-node): New commands,
  bound to S-RET, S-down-mouse-2.

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