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Re: info.el patch to open node in new window

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: info.el patch to open node in new window
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 01:44:03 +0300
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> I'm not tied to a particular implementation, but I don't see what the
> problem is with this implementation. You've said 3 times now that FORK must
> go, but you haven't yet given any reason, AFAICT.
> I suggested these commands and bindings long ago. Please add them, however
> you want to implement them.

Ok, the FORK argument of existing Info commands can't be removed for
compatibility reasons.  I also think that adding the FORK argument
to all Info navigation commands like `u' (Info-up), `t' (Info-top-node),
`d' (Info-directory), etc makes no sense because they might make a better use
of the prefix argument and it's just easy to type `M-n u', `M-n d' etc.

However, I agree that `Info-follow-nearest-node' and 
are exceptions since they are general commands to follow a "link" (i.e.
an Info reference or an Info menu/index item) and most browsers have a key
to open a link in another window, so user will except Emacs to do the same.
I think Info-mouse-follow-nearest-node should be the last command where
we add the FORK argument.

I noticed that in your patch the new command names have the `-new-window'
suffix.  I think `-other-window' is a better suffix.  Also perhaps
it should be bound to [S-mouse-2] instead of [S-down-mouse-2].

Juri Linkov

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