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Re: configure.in support for FreeBSD ia64/sparc64/powerpc

From: Ulrich Mueller
Subject: Re: configure.in support for FreeBSD ia64/sparc64/powerpc
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 21:20:03 +0100

>>>>> On Mon, 29 Dec 2008, Dan Nicolaescu wrote:

>> I don't know if it's sufficient as a test, but basic editing, as
>> well as byte-compiling a large package like CEDET seems to work
>> flawlessly on Solaris.
>> So maybe the original patch should be committed, without the
>> additional check for FreeBSD.

> If this has not been tested on all versions of Solaris that we
> currently support, that won't be a good idea at this point in the
> release process.

Oh well. "flushw" is a hardware instruction of Sparc-V9, and the code
was now tested on Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris. Do you really expect
that there is a difference between different Solaris versions?

> We know for sure that the original code works.

It doesn't work on FreeBSD.


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