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Re: [Orgmode] Export ascii-images using ditaa when targeting HTML?

From: Eric Schulte
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Export ascii-images using ditaa when targeting HTML?
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 17:57:29 -0800
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Hi Mac,

That's an interesting utility.

I have been working on an org-mode add-on for the specialized processing
of #+begin_* blocks.  Since this is very similar to the need you
expressed below, I implemented ditaa processing as one of the examples
in the initial implementation of this add-on.

If you want to grab the org-exp-block.el file from


you can use it to export ditaa blocks to images when exporting an org
file to html.  There are instruction in the top of the elisp file,
mainly you just need to load the file, and set `ditaa-jar-path' to the
path to ditaa.jar on your system.  Then if you setup a block like the

#+begin_ditaa blue.png -r -S
| cBLU    |
|         |
|    +----+
|    |cPNK|
|    |    |

The ascii inside the block will be exported to an image in blue.png
passing any following options as command line options to ditaa.jar.

Hope this is helpful.

Cheers -- Eric

Mac <address@hidden> writes:

> I would like to convert my ASCII-images inside my document.org before 
> exporting
> the document to HTML.
> I've found this converter, ditaa, which is a java program that takes an ASCII
> text file and creates a png file (http://ditaa.sourceforge.net/).
> I intend to find my ASCII figure, save it as a separate text file, and run 
> ditaa
> on it. In my document.org I'll comment the ASCII-art so it won't be exported 
> and
> add a link so the image will be included in the html file.
> [[file:figure_1.png]]
>                  V,mA
>                   |
>                +-----+
>                |40140|
>                +-----+
>                   |
>                   |    +----+
>               +--------|4561|----------> PC  
>               |        +----+  
>            +----+
>            |4060|
>            +----+
>               |
>            Relay Out
> Before reinventing the wheel, anyone done anything similar, or have ideas?
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