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Re: [glob2-devel] New unit allocation system almost done

From: Bradley Arsenault
Subject: Re: [glob2-devel] New unit allocation system almost done
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 23:39:59 -0400

Ok I've commit a third revision of the code. For the most part, I've
simply reorganized and documented Building related code. I've moved
code from Unit that relates to building into Building itself in order
to better encapsulate building. Code such as a unit taking or putting
in a ressource into a building, or quitting a job, etc..

I have done one major change, however. Previous to now, units would
apply to go "inside" a building, for eating, healing, or upgrading,
and the building would look over its subscriptions and allow the most
worthy units inside, dispatching the rest. It was this dispatching
that can cause bottlenecks, and even with many open spaces available
on Inns, there would still be units starving. This is very similair to
the flaw in the original unit allocation system.

So I've changed this as well, similair in style to the new unit
allocation system. If a unit wants to go "inside" a building, it tells
the building, and is instantly added to the list. There is no sorting
proccess. While its possible an unworthy unit may be given the
position, it has the clear advantage that every unit will be connected
to a valid building, instead of applying, then being rejected.

My tests show substantial improvements. ReachToInfintity used to peak
starvation at arround 8% untill it begins to run out of wheat (where
it jumps to 20 - 30%), it now peaks at 2%, and the death rate by
starvation is much, much lower. Only after the new system have I seen
reach to infinity actually reach 1024 units before starving itself.
Probably as a combination of the fact that units are used more
efficiently, and that they are garunteed placement at an Inn if one is
available, as opposed to the trial and error system that bottlenecked
the old style.

Really. I'm not lieing. Bradley Arsenault.

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