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Re: [glob2-devel] graphic standardization: player color discussion

From: fede
Subject: Re: [glob2-devel] graphic standardization: player color discussion
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 01:14:36 +0200
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I have followed whole discussion, i liked both points of view, liked to follow 
where it would go. Finally there is a plan.
But if your link is the result, i will just say my 2 cents:

That's an abomination. 
Neither fish nor flesh. Neither blue sky nor rain. If any game would be just 
about graphic appeal, in my opinion none would play glob2. Not me for sure.

I'm getting emails through forum from an unknown guy which is asking for more 
wd's graphics. I hope there will be someone implementing a costomizable skin 
system, if it will ever be (my c++ is too poor to accomplish something like 
5% of population is important, but *this* kind of solution is like to not 
consider important the other 95%. 
Arts are the first approach to anything, and also the deeper message to emotive 
part of a person. This happens with buildings, furnishing, gardens, less 
important things like clothes, cars, or even the "highest" one like paintings, 
photos.. everything is a message in the contest of "aspect". Everything causes 
a reaction in you, even if you may not realize it most times.
Game graphic tells you every thing that the pure mathematic behind 
"foreseeing" a colony behaviour to keep it healty doesn't.
There should be an equilibrium of both these sides ...
Bah i said too much.

Leo you know you got my respect, but i couldn't let this thing go without 
saying my opinion. Excuse me for this if you can.
This color scheme sucks.


> Leo Wandersleb wrote:
> > and now with better gfx ...
> and now with the concept for red-green blind people
> (according to wikipedia 5% of the population is red-green-blind) ...

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