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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] RFC: arch protocol, smart server, and tla implement

From: Colin Walters
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] RFC: arch protocol, smart server, and tla implementation prototypes
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 18:02:47 -0500

On Fri, 2004-01-30 at 17:02, Aaron Bentley wrote:

> I disagree: solving the latency problem for archd is nice, but solving
> it for all protocols is nicer.  

I don't see how it's possible for dumb-fs protocols.  

> And I think we'll I'll get close to that
> functionality in the backwards-builder anyhow.

Backwards-building from a cacherev?  But you still need to *find* that
cacherev, whether you work forwards or backwards, and that in general
involves traversing a bunch of revisions, with a roundtrip for each.

> Crossing tag boundaries will make the problem harder.  While tla
> implicitly uses the call stack to build forwards, crossing tag
> boundaries requires tla to map out several paths, and determining the
> best one will require a cost assessment based on
> 1. aggregate download size
> 2. download cost for a given archive

How do you figure that out (efficiently)?  I'm not sure you really can.

> The other advantage of allowing high performance with dumb servers is
> that smart servers may run out of CPU time and I/O bandwidth before they
> run out of network throughput.

I doubt that; as long as your server isn't trying to merge changesets
itself, etc., serving shouldn't be much more complicated than HTTP.

> Hmm.  Looks awfully like streaming to me.

Well, I guess that's Tom's idea, to put the streaming inside each

> I don't understand the motivation here.  Is it to avoid biting off more
> than you can chew, bandwidth or storage-wise?  (If so, wouldn't an
> Aggregate-size-limit header be better?)

Yeah, I don't understand that either.

> pfs-sftp, pfs-http, pfs-dav etc. can use arch_compose_changesets plus
> streaming or multiple simultaneous connections to implement
> arch_archive_delta.

dumb-fs level streaming might be possible per-protocol (I'm not sure if
sftp or http support that), but simultaneous connections would not be a
win.  You still have to do at least one round-trip per connection, and
possibly more for authentication, etc.  

> I think that archd might well be implemented at a higher level.  It
> could conceivably use sftp, http, etc as backends.

Yeah, but why?  The connection between archd and a dumb fs would likely
be just as slow.

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