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[Gnu-arch-users] Re: Trying out the new escaping version...

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] Re: Trying out the new escaping version...
Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:39:48 -0500
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> In the rare case that you want filenames with backslashes you have to
> escape them "tla add 'foo\\\\bar'" or "tla add `tla escape 'foo\\bar'`".

Why would it be needed in such a case?  tla receives a single string with
no ambiguity as to spaces or such things, so there is no justification for

> This is the correct and intended behaviour.

Why doesn't mkdir need it then?
Why should tla behave differently than the rest of the world?

> Afaik there is NO catch all solution, either people have to use
> --unesecaped (or --escaped if we implement the other way around) or it
> accepts escaped filenames and people have to escape backslashes. Making
> it optional would require another commandline argument and that is
> exactly what it should not do.

I think rule nb 1 would be: use existing solutions.  If they don't work for
all cases no big deal: obviously noone will use those cases since they
don't work with other tools anyway.
Don't reinvent yet another wheel, please.  Unless you intend tla to be used
exclusively for the development of tla and related tools.


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