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[Gnu-arch-users] Selected files commit

From: Matthieu Moy
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] Selected files commit
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 22:46:13 +0200
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Hi !

I'd like to implement a "selected files commit" in xtla. 

I don't know which user interface to use. 

This   would   begin   by   selecting  files   in   *tla-changes*   or
*tla-inventory* buffer. 

Then, a  command to edit the log  file, as for usual  commits, but the
question is: how to keep the list of files to use for commit. We could
just keep the list of files in memory, as PCL-CVS does. 

But the Arch  philosophy is to start editing the log  file as early as
possible. The user  may then forget the list, or  even change his mind
later. I'd like to find a way  to let the list of files visible to and
modifiable by the user. 

That's where  it goes  beyond the  scope of Emacs:  I was  thinking of
creating a file, like ++commit-files  containing the list of files for
the next selected  commit. In the presence of  this file, "tla commit"
would become equivalent to 

tla commit -- `cat ++commit-files`

I  can implement  that in  xtla,  but this  could also  be usefull  to
non-xtla users, and could be used by other tla front-ends, so, why not
implementing this in tla itself ...

What do you thing about this?  (That's just an idea, you're allowed to
say it's totally stupid if you argument ;-)

What do you expect from a  tla front-end for selected files commit, as
a user? 



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