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Re: Client menu suggestions was Re: [Gnumed-devel] Release 0.5.rc2

From: Jim Busser
Subject: Re: Client menu suggestions was Re: [Gnumed-devel] Release 0.5.rc2
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 2009 23:15:34 -0700

On 26-Jun-09, at 1:49 PM, Jim Busser wrote:

I have some ideas for feedback on the menu items...

1) Office is not often accessed to "Manage master data". May we give higher priority to usage by clinicians and shift this menu to the right, after Knowledge and before Help?

2) In support of the office workers who may often access the Office > Appointment item, can Appointment be given a keyboard access shortcut Alt + A?

3) Under the EMR menu: .... <snip>

Are client menu item names (GNUMed, Office etc) hard-coded in the client, or are they called from the database? If called from the database, does this support localization / i18n in order to make possible native language menus and how are Alt key shortcuts affected?

Are plugin names managed multi-lingually via i18n?

Does the client logic, before building the menus, check the specified workplace for the presence or absence of plugins as part of deciding whether to provide or omit the plugin(s) from the menu system?

When there would be a conflict or competition between the task to be done and the kinds of staff which might be permitted to do the tasks, do we consider the menu item placement to be more driven by what is to be done, as opposed to worrying who should (be permitted to) do it?

If it is decided that certain kinds of plugins should be limited to certain staff (say, doctors) can such plugins refuse to load, even if other staff (say, non-doctors) added such plugins to a workplace which they used?

Also, I was thinking further some of the menu placements:

1) Would you agree it makes sense to relocate xDT viewer from under Tools to instead be in Person (maybe beneath Export to GDT?) Would it be better to call this "Import xDT" and is it better Alt I or Alt X?

2) Is there special importance or desire to keep the word "staff"? In English this can be confusing, because in hospital the medical students and residents' "staff" denotes their "medical staff doctors", whereas in doctors' offices, the "staff" often denotes the nondoctor (hired) help, and there is additionally the usage of staff in the collective sense (whether or not a doctor) and trainees (who do not qualify as "staff") may need an account.

3) Currently, what might be considered "configuration" information is split out across the menus GNUmed and Office and within the Office menu it is necessary to get down three sublevels. Can we consolidate them all under GNUmed?

- move (from under Office)
        Manage master data --> under GNUmed menu

        relocate Staff > to be under GNUmed menu on its own
                can we rename as  "Users" ?
                        Alt U
                if yes then change
                Person > Enlist as staff
                --> Enlist as user

        relocate Workplace profiles >
                to be under GNUmed menu on its own
                --> Alt W

        now rename
                Manage master data
                --> Values Alt V

- rename menu Plugins >
        Go to plugin >

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