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Re: printing from w32 emacs

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: printing from w32 emacs
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2005 22:22:04 +0200

> From: "B. T. Raven" <address@hidden>
> Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2005 04:24:24 GMT
> Has any of you out there been able to print from emacs to your local
> printer?

Yes, easily.

> My installation is acting as if I am printing to NULL. This is
> from an emacs 21.3 on win98 to a Canon i850. Neither PRN (default) or
> LPT1 works as 'printer-name, quoted or not. Printer works fine if I
> minimize emacs and run any other windows app incorporating a print
> function. I had same results with an HP laserjet.
> I would appreciate any light any of you could throw on this problem.

Did you try to read the manual and follow its advice?  The node
"MS-DOS printing" (whose name is misleading: it pertains to Windows as
well) explains how to find out what printer name to use in Emacs and
how to set up printing in several popular situations.

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