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Re: In emacs 23 compile-mode doesn't recognize (c)perl error messages

From: LanX
Subject: Re: In emacs 23 compile-mode doesn't recognize (c)perl error messages
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 17:31:39 -0700 (PDT)
User-agent: G2/1.0


> How would breaking into parts fix this?

Well do you really question the benefits of modularizations and
plugins? :-)

Modularizing would lower the danger to break the whole package making
changes and plugins easier.
People would be able to assemble the moduls and plugins they need with
the help of a test-suite.

Actually only some people dare touching cperl-mode. But having small
moduls as templates facilitates a try and error approach.

Some moduls like sepia try to hook on cperl, but Sean doesn't know how
to make your font-lock usable for his REPL.

But I clearly see it would be to much to ask from you to invest more
work in it...

(it would mean loosing control over the oeuvre.. ;-)

I asked many questions about customizing and extending cperl at
perlmonks ...
The actual trend is to develop perl-editors like Padre or Kephra which
are extendable with perl.

> a) I do not find it outdated.  (IMO, HTML (and PDF) are not suitable
>                                 for documentation.)

IIRC the info files for perl were very outdated (2001), very hard to
find and had even problems.

> b) How would removing it help somebody?

I've spend two days to find the (depressing) answer for a)

That's too hard for a beginner...

Suggestion: you may check if the info file is accessible and skip the
entry if not.


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