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RE: Keybindings for Emacs with no X?

From: Jiaxin Cao
Subject: RE: Keybindings for Emacs with no X?
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2012 15:50:52 +0800

Why not use a GUI based emacs?

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Subject: Keybindings for Emacs with no X?


I run Emacs in text mode, inside GNUScreen, running in a
gnome-terminal. As a result, many key combinations don't get sent to
Emacs properly. For example, M-SPC gets to Emacs as C-M-j. Since I run
Emacs always like this, and basically I live inside Emacs, I would be
willing to spend some time trying to find a way out of this
problem. Searching the web has not really helped much... 

Any help on where I should be looking? 

Ángel de Vicente

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