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Re: [Help-liquidwar6] Getting ready for 0.0.8beta

From: Kasper Hviid
Subject: Re: [Help-liquidwar6] Getting ready for 0.0.8beta
Date: Sat, 7 Nov 2009 22:22:19 +0100

2009/11/6 Christian Mauduit <address@hidden>

Together with "speed", this parameter should really make the old
"rounds-per-sec" + "moves-per-round" + [bazillion options] +
"min-map-surface" a souvenir. Those options are still here for debugging
and picky-picky setting, but most of the time "speed" + "wall-grease" is
probably all you need.

This makes level xml design a lot simpler! Anyways, while trying to test what the MPS HUD showed, I couldn't get the following ancient values to work:

But more important, how does that speed parameter work? It seems to accept both integer and float ...

LW6 should probably consider network speed when deciding the right whatever-per-sec and fighter-scale.

PS: concerning your "can't find script/liquidwar6.scm" problem well, it
probably depends from where you launch the game. Normally running it from
the top source directory, that is "src/liquidwar6", will do the right
things for you. LW6 tries numerous path combinations to find its data
automatically, but it can still be fooled down, especially when ran from
the mingw32 context which is very special in many ways, as far as paths
are concerned.

You're right, it was src/liquidwar6 which did the trick ... it seems a bit unorthodox that one has to start the executeable one step back in the directory structure, but as long as it works ... !

Here is my steps, if anyone needs a "Compiling LW6 for Dummies" :-)

For a more serious description, visit this page:

1) Download the files needed to compile Liquid War:

2) Place the zip file at drive c: and unzip it. You will now have this directory, with some content: c:\msys\

3) Download the snapshot from whereever the newest snapshot is placed. At the time of writing, it is

4) Copy the file to to the subdirectory C:\msys\home\[your-name]
(this directory should already exist)

5) Unzip the file

6) Go to the C:\msys directory and double-click the file called msys.bat

You are now at a white console screen. You will need to use the following bash commands:

pwd   Print Working Directory - shows your current position in the directory structure
dir Shows the content of the curren directory
cd Change Directory - for instance, write cd myfun to enter the directory myfun

You will start up being in the directory C:\msys\home\[your-name], which is the directory you  copied the Liquid War sources to.

So most likely, writing cd liquidwar6-20091105snapshot will let you go to that directory. (The directory will most likely be called something else ... but that was the most current build at the time of writing ... you can just type cd li and then press the tab key to finish the sentence)

If that command didn't return an error, you should be at the right directory:
type pwd to be sure.

Then just type in the following command: (it's 3 seperate commands, really)

./configure && make && src/liquidwar6

7) Wait. Compiling the stuff takes time. But take a look at the console, it looks all technical and stuff, like that movie Hackers.

8) When it has finished looking technical and stuff, the game will start automatically, because you wrote src/liquidwar6

9) to start the game later:
 - a) Double click on msys.bat to open the console
 - b) type the following: cd liquidwar6-20091105snapshot (or whatever it is called ... you can just type cd li and then press the tab key to finish the sentence)
 - c) type the following: src/liquidwar6
(what you're doing is executing the file liquidwar6.exe in the src sub-directory.)

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