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RE: Getting started with Octave in MS Windows

From: The Grumps
Subject: RE: Getting started with Octave in MS Windows
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 15:06:59 -0000

Michael wrote:
|  Please keep the discussion about setup problems under Windows on this
list in order to help people with similar 
|  problems find a solution more easily and not make them ask the same

As you have now spotted, I did indeed cc: the list.  Just thought I'd
explain that to the rest of the list in order to reduce their confusion.

|  I usually open the function file I want to work on by double-clicking its
icon in the Windows Explorer.

Actually that's the way I was thinking of working until you told me about
'edit filename'.  So when do you choose to invoke edit from within Octave?
I can see some advantage when creating new scripts but not much otherwise.

I have found it useful to enable the "recent files" list in SciTE.  To do
this I added 
         -save.recent ".m" 
to the end of the Target of my shortcut to launch ScITE.  The ".m" puts me
straight into "open file" so that I can then select from the file list.  I
also changed the shortcut "Start in:' to be my scripts directory so that the
"open file" dialog shows the correct file list.

To enable "recent files" for launching SciTE within Windows Explorer I set
this for file type "M" as follows:
  Within Windows Explorer 
  go to Tools > Folder Options > tab "File Types" > select Extension "M" >
Advanced button > Edit button
  then add "-save.recent" before "%1" at the end of the Application box.

I'd also like to raise another matter here if that's ok - GNUPLOT under
Windows.  When I plot I get a GNUPLOT window as well.  What is the use of
this?  Is it to help debug the plot?  If I close this down when I've
finished with a plot then I find that a further plot command is ignored and
I have to re-open Octave in order to resume plotting.  Is this what is
supposed to happen?  If so, should I just leave the GNUPLOT window open?


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