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Re: Face - problem!!

From: David Z Maze
Subject: Re: Face - problem!!
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 12:41:28 -0500
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Surendra Singhi <address@hidden> writes:

> I want to insert face into my news posts and I have the following lines in my
> .gnus file
> (setq message-required-news-headers
>    (nconc message-required-news-headers
>         (list '(Face . (lambda ()
>                  (gnus-face-from-file "~/.xemacs/face.jpg"))))))
> The value of the variable is also set accordingly to
> (From Newsgroups Subject Date Message-ID (optional . Organization)
>  (optional . User-Agent) (Face lambda nil 
> (gnus-face-from-file "~/.xemacs/face.jpg")))
> But it doesn't seems to have the intended effect.
> Am I doing anything wrong, or do I need to set some other variable?

I don't think you're actually getting the lambda (code) into the list;
instead, you're getting the symbol 'lambda and such into it.  Maybe
you mean something more like

(setq message-required-news-headers
  (append message-required-news-headers
    (list (cons 'Face (lambda ()
                        (gnus-face-from-file "face.jpg"))))))

Or, even,

(defun acquire-gnus-face () (gnus-face-from-file "face.jpg"))
(setq message-required-news-headers
  (append message-required-news-headers
    '((Face . acquire-gnus-face))))

(It's not obvious to me that "~/.xemacs/face.jpg" will do what you
want as an argument to gnus-face-from-file; you might need to pass
that through expand-file-name on the way.)


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