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Re: Face - problem!!

From: Rebecca Ore
Subject: Re: Face - problem!!
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 22:16:40 GMT
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Surendra Singhi <address@hidden> writes:

> You also need to give me the code for the function
> my-message-header-setup-hook.

The sections in my .gnus.el that I've cobbled together
script-kitty-wise from other people's lisp suggestions are as follows:

  (defun my-message-header-setup-hook ()
            (let ((group (or gnus-newsgroup-name "")))
              (when (or (message-fetch-field "newsgroups")
                        (gnus-group-find-parameter group 'to-address)
                        (gnus-group-find-parameter group 'to-list))
                (insert "Mail-Copies-To: never\n"))))

(setq message-required-news-headers
  (append message-required-news-headers
    (list (cons 'Face (lambda ()

          (add-hook 'message-header-setup-hook

Rebecca Ore

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