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Re: DOCS: include a sample "Makefile"?

From: peter
Subject: Re: DOCS: include a sample "Makefile"?
Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 14:28:29 +1000
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>>>>> "Jonathan" == Jonathan Kulp <address@hidden> writes:

Jonathan> John Mandereau wrote:
>> Jonathan Kulp a écrit :
>>> I would welcome "best practice" advice on these. Once I'm
>>> satisfied with how they work on Linux & Mac (and Windows if anyone
>>> wants to help me with them), then I'll put generic filenames and
>>> dirnames to change them into examples suitable for the
>>> documentation.
>> Make always invokes a new shell for each command line (except that
>> you can split a shell command or commands sequence on several lines
>> with '\'), so you don't need the 'cd ..'
>> Prefer '&&' over ';' as a command separator, except if you don't
>> care whether the first command fails for the execution of the
>> second command. In this case, if for some reason there is no 'out'
>> directory, you will get a less explicit error than if the shell
>> (and then make) would have returned an error "out: no such file or
>> directory".
>> It might be good to separate commands for generating each
>> intermediate formats, e.g. in case you define targets or variables
>> that can enable different output format from the latex file (PDF,
>> HTML with latex2html, ...).
>> Best, John
>> PS please attach or quote in the message future revisions of this
>> makefile directly, so lazy hackers can grab and comment it more
>> easily.

Jonathan> Thanks for looking at this, John.  I've gone through the two
Jonathan> makefiles and updated according to your advice, and have
Jonathan> also made changes based on recommendations in the GNU Make
Jonathan> Manual, such as specifying the shell and defining unusual
Jonathan> utilities in variables (viewer as "acroread" in this case).
Jonathan> I found that the only situation where && did not work in
Jonathan> place of ; was in the "for" loop I use in creating the parts
Jonathan> of the stamitz symphony.

Why not use some automatic rules, like so:

Then your Makefile becomes something like:

piece= stamitz
SUFFIXES: .ly .pdf .view

        ${LILY} $<

all: score parts midi

score: ${piece}.pdf
parts: Parts/${piece}I.pdf Parts/${piece}II.pdf

        ${PDFVIEWER} $*.pdf

If you use GNU extensions, then here's the Makefile I generally use,
to convert everything in the current directory.

LYFILES:=${wildcard *.ly}
TEXFILES:=${wildcard *.tex}
PSFILES:=${}  ${}

PS2PDF:= ps2pdf

all: ${PSFILES} %.midi %.pdf: %.update
        ${LILY} $*.ly

        ${CONVERT} -e $< %.tex
        -[ -d ${OUTDIR} ] && rm -rf ${OUTDIR} 
        mkdir -p ${OUTDIR}
        lilypond-book -o outdir -f latex $*.tex
        ( cd outdir; latex $*.tex && dvips -Ppdf  -u -o ../$@ 
$*.dvi; )

        ${PS2PDF} $<

        rm -f ${PSFILES} ${PDFFILES} ${MIDIFILES}
        rm -rf ${OUTDIR}

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