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Re: the "separate, but integrated" website proposal

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: the "separate, but integrated" website proposal
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2009 06:58:57 -0700
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On Tue, Aug 04, 2009 at 12:00:40PM +0200, John Mandereau wrote:
> Le mardi 04 août 2009 à 01:12 -0700, Graham Percival a écrit :
> > Fair enough -- but could you add a post-build rule to rename
> > to ?
> Not worth the effort. DIY if you like.

Hmm, I suppose this would screw up the cross-references.  Mao, I
see why you don't want to do it.  I guess we'll just expect users
looking at a pdf tarball to open up "general.pdf" first.

More importantly, this screws up the "info lilypond" idea.

... just a moment.  *why* do we have a lilypond/ info dir being
created?  Isn't that just because notation.tely contains
(IIRC)?  Changing that should surely remove this weird lilypond/
dir, letting us renaming general.texi to lilypond.texi.

> > I ran into problems with score line-width vs. complete paper
> > width.  In particular, it was the Vocal music example.
> I assume knowing/fixing the paper width is easy, isn't it?

That's what I told Jonathan, but when I tried to make it work with, it didn't.  Feel free to investigate and potentially
file bug reports.

As far as I was concerned, since I'd already made a fool out of
myself for not getting it to work after two hours (after chiding
him for an "ugly" solution), and Jonathan already had a working
makefile that gave us the desired formatting, I went with his

- Graham

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