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Re: Add tab-tie-follow-engraver (issue2723043)

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: Add tab-tie-follow-engraver (issue2723043)
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2010 13:33:01 -0600

On 11/3/10 10:15 AM, "Marc Hohl" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Am 03.11.2010 15:10, schrieb Carl Sorensen:
>> On 11/3/10 6:50 AM, "Marc Hohl"<address@hidden>  wrote:
>>> Am 02.11.2010 04:04, schrieb address@hidden:
>>>> Updated to only acknowledge tab-note-head, not note-head.
>>> Makes perfect sense to me.
>>> Thanks for your work!
>> You're welcome.
>> Pushed to git.
> Oops, I found an error!
> While my engraver added 'tie-follow only to the notes followed by a slur
> or a glissando,
> your engraver adds this to *every* tied note, so the callbacks in
> tablature.scm are
> not working properly - *every* note that is 'tied to' gets parenthesized!
> Moreover, Neil's argument that slurs and glissandos do not belong to the
> engraver
> seems not to be valid - every note that is 'tied to' now gets the
> 'tie-follow mark, so the
> tie handler will make them invisible and the slur routine that may
> follow changes the visibility
> again, and that's exactly what Neil critiziced at my first approach (and
> he was right about that).

So perhaps what we need are 'tie-follow, 'slur-start, and 'gliss-start
properties for a tab note head.

Or perhaps we need to change the name of the property from tie-follow to
show-hidden.  And the show-hidden property gets set only if it's tie-follow
and slur-start, or tie-follow and gliss-start, or tie-follow and bend-start
(in the future).  Under this proposal, we'd change the engraver name to
something like tab_tied_head_engraver.  It wouldn't take too much to do
this, but is it the *right* approach to solve this problem?



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