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Re: follow-up to report 22

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: follow-up to report 22
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2010 07:36:42 -0600

On 11/5/10 7:26 AM, "Graham Percival" <address@hidden> wrote:

> I repeat: do you (not necessarily "David", but "anybody") agree
> that an OSS project can, in theory, have some kind of private
> mailing list?

I believe that private mailing lists for an OSS project are useful and that
LilyPond should have them.

Right now we have a private mailing list in fact, but it's virtually unused,
so in practice we don't really have one.

Graham raised this issue with the thought that we'd discuss it as soon as
2.14 came out.  This seems to me to be an appropriate step to take.

If Valentin doesn't like having an undocumented private mailing list, then
he can propose a patch to the documentation that documents the unused
private mailing list.  But I'd have a hard time getting excited about adding
a line that says "There's a virtually unused private mailing list
lilypond_hackers that will be formalized in the near future."  There may be
others who disagree.  And if some (such as Valentin, but perhaps also
others) felt strongly about it, I'd be willing to approve a patch containing
that information.

> If you -- all of you -- agree that in some cases, a private
> mailing list is appropriate, then we could move on to the next
> step.  Which case(s) are appropriate for lilypond, how should it
> be organized, etc.  If you think it's worth delaying 2.14 in order
> to debate this.

I don't think it's worth delaying 2.14 in order to debate either of these
questions.  Can't we just note that the debate exists, perhaps add it to our
list of GLISS topics, and move on to getting 2.14 out?



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