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Re: Implements footnotes in LilyPond (issue4245062)

From: Mike Solomon
Subject: Re: Implements footnotes in LilyPond (issue4245062)
Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2011 06:18:32 -0500

Hey all,

After a bit of back and forth w/ Han Wen, I have drummed up a way to split this 
up such that it can be part of LilyPond in two phases.  It follows his 
suggestion to push all of the non-balloon-related stuff first, and to push that 
second.  It will set the stencil property of FootnoteItem and FootnoteSpanner 
to #f in define-grobs.scm.  This means that whatever people write for the 
annotation part of the footnote will be swallowed up and not used, whereas the 
note part on the bottom of the page will be printed.

If anyone has arguments for pushing this whole thing in its entirety, let me 
know.  I am in favor of that for the reasons I stated in my previous e-mail, 
but I also realize that big chunks of code pushed all at once can make bug 
tracking interminable.

If not, the plan is to push the non-balloon-related stuff today, let it simmer 
for a few days, and then push the balloon related stuff used for the 
in-document annotations.  I will make a nice long commit message detailing this 
so that, hopefully, experimental users don't waste hours figuring out what 
happened to their non-appearing annotations.  Alternatively, if anyone feels 
that I should split this up but that I am splitting it up the wrong way, please 
let me know.


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