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Re: LSR updates and Issue 1971

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: Re: LSR updates and Issue 1971
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2011 18:46:55 -0000

----- Original Message ----- From: "Carl Sorensen" <address@hidden>
To: "Phil Holmes" <address@hidden>; "Devel" <address@hidden>
Sent: Friday, November 25, 2011 6:35 PM
Subject: Re: LSR updates and Issue 1971

On 11/25/11 10:59 AM, "Phil Holmes" <address@hidden> wrote:

I've got a large patch that updates the snippets from the LSR and fixes
Issue 1971.  It's a few hundred files.  make and make doc are fine after
adding it.  Should I push to staging or do something like a review - it
seems unlikely anyone will have the enthusiasm to review all 300-odd

What do you mean by "updates the snippets from the LSR"?  Snippets from
the LSR should be fixed in the LSR.  Snippets that can't be the same as in
the LSR (due to changes in the version) should be in
Documentation/snippets/new.  But why are there 300-odd changed files?

More information would certainly be helpful to understand this issue.



It's a snippet in snippets/new, since it doesn't run on 2.12. To correct these, you need to correct the snippet in snippets/new and then run makelsr to get the correct version into snippets/. To run makelsr you have to have downloaded the latest LSR tarball, and so running the updates on this causes them all (I think) to be changed because convert-ly is run. So every snippet is changed, which makes for a large patch.

Some information at:

I think Valentin used to run makelsr, but it's not been done for a while.

Phil Holmes

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