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stem up or down in definition?

From: Quintijn Hoogenboom
Subject: stem up or down in definition?
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2005 12:29:44 +0100

Mats helped me tremendous with a "tamtam" mode.

I now redefine notes like:

drumPitchNames = #'(
   (t . lefttenor)
   (T . righttenor)
   (b . bass)
   (B . rightbass)

#(define mydrums '(
   (lefttenor   default   "marcato"     2)
   (righttenor  default   #f            1)
   (bass                cross     "open"        0)
   (rightbass   xcircle   "stopped"     -1)

I encountered strange problems (which were before on this list I believe)
that PDF output could not be found. It seems this was caused by a undefined
note (I tried to use r for rest, but it was not in the list).

After define (r . rest) and (rest rest) it worked.

Two other questions: 

1. can I force stem up or stem down in the defitions above?
2. can I include a fixed liric for each note? I would like to have T
(righttenor) to have stem up and "T" below the note, likewise t (lefttenor)
stem down and t above.

Again thanks a lot for helping,


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