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Re: Output other than PDF

From: Brett Duncan
Subject: Re: Output other than PDF
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 16:15:51 +1000
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On 24/8/05, Trevor Baca wrote:
On 8/20/05, Bec and John Silva <address@hidden> wrote:

Hi Brett,

A more GUI-based solution is to output to PDF as normal, then just
"Save as..." from as a PNG.

An even more Mac-ish GUI-ish solution is to output to pdf as normal,
open the pdf in Preview, and then avail yourself of the magic
shift-command-3 and shift-command-4 commands in MacOS. Both key
combinations are available in any application and let you take a
"picture" of either your entire desktop or a user-definable region,

Obviously this isn't good for getting pngs of entire *pages* of music;
but if you're wanting to crop a small snippet of music (say for a
webpage or to send to the user list) then shift-command-4 is ideal.

Actually, my reason for wanting PNG output was in order to work with
snippets rather than entire pages, but also to take advantage of the
fact that Lilypond lets you specify the resolution of the PNG image -
and I'm after high quality images to use in other documents. PDF was
less than ideal, since the resolution of any "cut and paste" or
screenshot was not up to what I wanted. Similarly, resaving a PDF as a
PNG didn't produce an image that had the resolution I wanted.


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