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Re: clef transposition: tenor -> bass

From: Roman
Subject: Re: clef transposition: tenor -> bass
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 22:09:35 +0200
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Kieren Richard MacMillan wrote:
Hi, Roman:

My Idea was to first write the notes in tenor clef so that I can check
if I did everything wright on an outprint. Afterwars I wanted to transpose
everything with one command into a bass clef staff with appropriate
transposed notes in the bass clef staff, but that doesn't seem to work this way.

Yes, it does! Here's all you need to do

1. Write everything in tenor clef, just like you want:

    \tromboneNotes = \relative c' { \clef tenor a b c d e f g }

2. Look at the printed output (in tenor clef), and confirm that the pitches are correct.

3. Convert (not "transpose"!!) to bass clef by simply changing the clef command from "tenor" to "bass":

    \tromboneNotes = \relative c' { \clef bass a b c d e f g }

Good luck,

Okay, thx!
But I think my key problem was to interpret the tenor clef as a C-clef, which is related to the bass clef located on the F-line (despite both notes in each clef are located on the second line)

Thanks again for your help!

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