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Re: clef transposition: tenor -> bass

From: Roman
Subject: Re: clef transposition: tenor -> bass
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 15:06:43 +0200
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Mats Bengtsson wrote:
Okay, but my problem is, that a C in tenor clef isn't a C in bass clef and I don't know how a transposition between them needs to be!?

Of course a C is a C, no matter what clef you use.
Okay, that's true, but I thought of a C in a bass clef and a C in a tenor clef aren't located on the same line...

I still think that you are confusing things with the issue of transposing instruments, see I'm not an expert in brass instruments, but according to that article, trombones read at concort pitch,
i.e. they are not transposing.
That's true, but for those players that can't "read" tenor clef, I have to write it into bass clef, which is more common in trombone sections and can be read from all players

The following staff should afterwards have a bass clef with all the notes on the appropriate interspace/line, so that it can be read from players that can only "read" bass clef!! How can I reach this?

staffTrombone1 = {
   \key c \major
   \clef tenor
   \relative c' {
c d es f ...

\book { \score { \staffTrombone \layout { indent = 0\mm }

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