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Re: proportional notation screws up score

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: Re: proportional notation screws up score
Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2006 17:51:16 +0100
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Trevor Bača escreveu:
> 2. There is a bug with proportional not dealing with skips correctly.
> Proportional notation handles notes and rests correctly. But
> proportional notation freaks out with skips. I noticed this some time
> ago but haven't really drawn any special attention to the bug because
> a reasonable workaround is to use a transparent rest (or transparent
> note) in place of a skip. But this is a problem and does need to be
> fixed because using this workaround can (and does) lead to all sorts
> of interpreter warnings about clashing note columns or unknown rest
> direction. Here's a snippet and I'll crosspost the bug list; to see
> what's going on, render the example and note that the spacing of all
> three scores should be identical but that the 2nd score is not:

  \override SpacingSpanner #'uniform-stretching = ##t

seems to work over here.

> 3. I saw the discussion on the list a couple of days ago about setting
> proportionalNotationDuration in the middle of musical input and was
> quite surprised to find out that this was possible. It obviously is
> possible (as the violin score here shows) but I wonder if the behavior
> is well-defined. I guess that's a question for Han-Wen, but it doesn't
> surprise me that resetting proportionalNotationDuration in mid-input
> can confuse the spacing algorithms. FWIW, I set
> proportionalNotationDuration once in the header of the Score context
> only. However, this set-only-once idea obviously won't work where
> there are tempo changes. At a tempo change I would start a new spacing
> section and then reset proportionaNotationDuration, thus minimizing
> the number of different settings to proportionalNotationDuration.

as explained in the manual (albeit a bit poorly), classical
proportional notation is a combination of different spacing options.
Each option has its own property, and must be switched on separately.
The 2.8 NEWS files shows the effect of each property separately.


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