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Re: lynx-dev lynx2.8.2dev.15

From: Bela Lubkin
Subject: Re: lynx-dev lynx2.8.2dev.15
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 15:45:27 -0800

Philip Webb wrote:

> 990128 Greg Marr wrote: 
> > At 03:56 PM 1/28/99 , Bela wrote:
> >> Enhancement request: add a way to expand form textareas *on-screen*
> >> without invoking external editor.  e.g. suppose I've filled 10 lines
> >> of a 10-line on-screen textarea, then use "edit externally"
> >> and add an 11th line.  As I understand it, on return to Lynx,
> >> I'll see the new contents, all 11 lines' worth --
> >> the on-screen space will have expanded.  The request is,
> >> now that we know how to do that, add another key which means
> >> "skip the editor, just gimme another blank line at the bottom
> >> of this textarea my cursor is in".
> > Someone else asked recently about being able to paste a text file
> > into a textarea.  It can be done through the external editor,
> > but having an "Insert File" function might be nice.
> we shouldn't use up too many scarce keys on this feature,
> but we could presumably use control-keys with special meanings
> which are confined to form fields, as  ^v  is already.

I forget what key was used for the edit-this-textarea feature.  It
*ought* to be ^V-e (i.e. ESCAPE_TEXT_ENTRY EDIT), since "e" EDIT only
normally applies to local files (DIREDIT).

Unfortunately, I don't see any equally obvious binding for read-file.

> >> We could also think about auto-expanding when hitting return
> >> in the last on-screen line -- but some user interface dangers there,
> >> need to be careful about it.
> what dangers are you thinking of?  it looks like a good idea generally.

I'm used to hammering on RETURN to pass over a textarea.  There are
many better choices (TAB, ^V0#g, etc.), but I have a brain macro.  So,
presumably, do some subset of other users.  If RETURN suddenly started
appending to the textarea, I would mess up.

Mitigate this by only adding lines if the previous line was non-empty.
Then if I had 3 lines filled of a 10-line textarea, I wouldn't end up
adding any lines; and if I had 10 of 10 filled, I'd add 1 blank line,
then move on.


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