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[Pan-users] One minor problem I have with pan

From: Jeff Vian
Subject: [Pan-users] One minor problem I have with pan
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 17:59:54 -0500
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I have compiled from source pan 0.12.0
running on RedHat 7.3

The one tiny problem that is frustrating is the failure to launch a web browser when a link is in the message and I click on it.

The link is indicated as such, such as

but when I click/double click/ etc there is no response.

I also cannot seem to cut/paste the URL from the pan message pane to my browser.

Does anyone have an idea of what I am doing wrong? or are others seeing the same thing?

Does something need to be done to the code to make it support this feature?

I love the improvements over the last release.

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