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Re: [Phpgroupware-developers] Project Structure

From: Michael Meskes
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-developers] Project Structure
Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 10:18:04 +0200
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First let me state that I'm not involved enough to to make any statement
on who does how much work. I just want to throw in some general

> >make many. But you are wrong to think that this does not give us the
> >right to control the direction of the project. Because we wrote the
> >VAST 
> >majority of the code, the trademarked name, the domain and savannah
> >and 
> >sourceforge projects, we have every right morally and legally to
> >control 
> >the direction of this project.

I don't see the point. Once again I have no idea who wrote most of the
code and you may own the domain, but the project? Hey, this is free
software. You, Dan, should appreciate that they are discussing things
instead of taking the sources and forking their own project. Granted
they'd need a different savannah name, but so what? 

> >I am not going to assign my code away. I was planning to in the past,
> >but with this type of crap turning up it will be a cold day in hell 
> >before it happens. Same for the domain.

The last time I checked your code was GPLed, wasn't it? So why do you
have to assign it away? Besides, I know there was some talk about phpgw
becoming a GNU project. Did this happen? If so I guess everyone had to
assign his code to FSF anyway. 

> >Its an interesting discussion. But as it is setup now I will simply
> >not 
> >agree. I will pull back control of the project and force it to fork 
> >before it will even come close.
> The idea of this document was to make a fork not needed. I think it is wrong
> to go this way. It will only split user- and developerbase, which is not
> good for any project.

Actually I don't think phpgw will have enough roots to exist twice. But
time may tell ...

I'm sad to see such a power struggle here yet again. 

Michael Meskes
Email: address@hidden
ICQ: 179140304, AIM: michaelmeskes, Jabber: address@hidden
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