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Re: [Rule-www] Navigating the web site

From: Martin Stricker
Subject: Re: [Rule-www] Navigating the web site
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 23:37:16 +0200

Marco Fioretti wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 21, 2002 01:27:35 at 01:27:35AM +0200, Martin Stricker wrote:

> > Of course we should first agree on a standardized downloads directory.
> > My poposal:
> > /downloads/installer/miniconda/$VERSION/
> >                      slinky/$VERSION/
> >            apps/$APP_NAME/ (not sure about app_version or
> > rhl_version)
> > I'm not sure if the apps directories need subdirectories.
> >
> Sounds good to me. However, you refer only to binaries, right? Those
> could remain on savannah (and its future mirrors), and be just linked
> from the PHP/html code

Yes, hence the top-level directory name "downloads". The online
information should be under $LANG/apps:
/ This is Apache's DirectoryRoot. Only index.html and README here.
/download download area for binaries and source RPMs/tarballs
/src the source tree (might be obsolete due to CVS)
/apps information
The ISO language/language-region directories for all the translations of
the RULE website and the application documentation. Maybe better kept in
the subdirectory /lang for better overview...

Hmm... that gives me some ideas on how to produce RPMs for the
applications in different anguages... But I'll shut up for now. ;=D

Best regards,
Martin Stricker
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