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Re: [Rule-www] Navigating the web site

From: Martin Stricker
Subject: Re: [Rule-www] Navigating the web site
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 22:19:00 +0200

"Rodolfo J. Paiz" wrote:
> At 4/20/2002 01:51 PM -0400, you wrote:
> > >         site navigation: Left side frame? top and bottom menus
> > >         embedded in tables (as today, look at source) but dynamic?
> >
> >I like left side navigation, personally. If done with frames, we
> >should provide a noframes version as well, no?
> Left-side navigation, especially in a frame where the damn thing
> doesn't move, seems vastly more intuitive and useful to me, by far my
> favorite. However, if not all browsers yet support frames, then we
> should provide a noframes version too.

There is another serious drawback in using frames: You cannot bookmark
or link to a specific page and still have navigation in place. That's
the main reason why I hate frames. KISS! (keep it simple, sweetheart)

Best regards,
Martin Stricker
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