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Re: [Accessibility] resident evil

From: Eric S. Johansson
Subject: Re: [Accessibility] resident evil
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 2010 01:28:48 -0400
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 On 7/31/2010 9:07 PM, Richard Stallman wrote:
Eric, stop using our list to organize projects that go against our
principles.  Don't annouce them, don't post URLs for them.  Don't!
against free speech.
against supporting disabled users as #1 priority in accessibility project.
has policy that puts accessibility director in harm's way by precluding the use non-free accessibility software even if there is no alternative (may put fsf in legal jeopardy re: ADA reasonable accommodation)

if you read the message, I wanted a place to discuss alternative approaches with out your heavy boot coming down on that. I was doing you a favor by trying to remove the topic from the list. the other list was a bunch of people with decades of experience with speech. not FSF limited but good people overall. again, was doing you a favor of getting rid of the troublemakers

Please listen to what I say. I am not against your principals of software must be free. From a mindful choice and a desire to live right work and right life I place resolving human suffering at a higher level than freeing software. All the software I create will be free software, I promise you that because that is the only way to keep accessibility in our control.

I have been invited to work with another group and if people want my help, they will be able to find me. I will not reject them if they really want to help or learn. I know others on the list support my stand. I hope their silent support will become visible as a simple yea/nea and then they can help me with simple tasks you do not want talked about. I fear you have created a "chilling effect" by how you deal with dissent they fear ostracism.

I am not your enemy but you are making it hard to be your supporter.

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