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Re: [aspell-devel] Testing notification code in speller_impl.cpp

From: Kevin Atkinson
Subject: Re: [aspell-devel] Testing notification code in speller_impl.cpp
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 21:09:39 -0700 (MST)

On Mon, 14 Feb 2005, Kevin Atkinson wrote:

> On Mon, 14 Feb 2005, Gary Setter wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I wrote yesterday that one of my hang ups with win32 patches was
> > the arrary of UpdateMember with an initalization expression. The
> > Aspell 0.5 code was not very presentable. I asked for ideas, but
> > nothing came in.
> > 
> > I made my own attempt. Rather then storing a function pointer, I
> > made an enum for each notification function and a call function
> > that calls the right one.
> I don't like that solution at all.  For one thing it makes it diffacult to 
> add new notifiers in the future.
> I think it is better to assign to the array in a helper function that is 
> called exactly once.
> If you want you can post both solutions so I can decide which solution is  
> better, if any.

After looking at the code in question in may be the case that VC doesn't
like the use of static member functions, and changing them to normal
functions may solve the problem.  Try changing those to plain functions
and see if it solves your problem.  It is OK the simply make all members
SpellerImpl::ConfigNotifier public to avoid having to use lots of friend 


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