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AC_DEFINE questions

From: Balint Joo
Subject: AC_DEFINE questions
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 13:02:27 +0000
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Dear List Readers,
        I have a few questions about autoconf usage, to do
with AC_CONFIG_HEADERS and AC_DEFINE, where I havent found
the relevant information in the autoconf manual.

Is it possible to place some of the results of AC_DEFINE
into a config.h file, but keep the others in the command line?
Alternatively is it possible to place some of the AC_DEFINEs
in one config.h file and others into a different config.h file?
Alternatively, can I stop autoconf from defining PACKAGE_NAME,
PACKAGE_TARNAME and all its friends.

Why would I want to do this? Read on:

I have two packages configured by autoconf. One of them
uses the config.h file to set some configuration definitions
such as ARCH. This is not just build time information, but something
general (the software is for a system where I have to specify some
array dimensions at configure time). The package builds a library
which is installed, and config.h gets installed also in the @prefix@/include

I then have a second package which needs to use the first one,
and it needs to include the its config.h file.

However, the version of autoconf I use, also defines some package
versioning information (PACKAGE_NAME, PACKAGE_TARNAME etc etc).
So when I compile the second package, which also has PACKAGE_NAME
and PACKAGE_TARNAME etc etc defined, these definitions conflict
between the two packages.

I'd like to suppress these conflicts. It would be nice if I could
dump the PACKAGE_TARNAME defines into a different file from my
other definitions say something like config.h for the important
ones and version.h for PACKAGE_TARNAME and its friends.

Is there a nice way to solve this problem?

        Best wishes,

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University of Edinburgh
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