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configure -C by default?

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: configure -C by default?
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2011 23:11:43 +0100
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Apparently, a lot of users do not even know about configure -C aka.
--config-cache which of course doesn't help Autoconf's reputation about
producing configure scripts which are slow even for development.

So one question would be what about making -C the default?
We could have --force or --no-cache to turn it off.

This behavior actually used to be the default.  It was reverted around
commit 5ae14bc8c048ed9a2dda6b67794ba (and also see
commit 4abad4e9bfbcedd018302059844f8), 10 years ago.

Here's some discussion from back then, listed in the order in which I
traced back things, that is, the last thread has the most info:

Back then, the consensus was to not make it the default because that was
deemed too dangerous for users.  Various reports are cited, and also the
problem is mentioned that such kinds of failures tend to be quiet very
often and are hard to debug.

Comments are appreciated.


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