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Re: Getting rid of the msvc branch

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: Re: Getting rid of the msvc branch
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2012 16:39:55 +0100

On 03/07/2012 04:00 PM, Peter Rosin wrote:
> Peter Rosin skrev 2012-03-07 14:08:
>> Do you think it would be at all possible to start with a msvc and maint
>> that is freshly merged into both master and branch-1.11.  Then merge msvc
>> into maint in such a way that maint resembles branch-1.11, then do dummy
>> merges of maint into master and branch-1.11.  I.e. for the master case:
>>     git checkout master; git merge --strategy=ours maint
>> and similar for branch-1.11.  And then, finally, get rid of the obnoxious
>> msvc branch...
>> After that, we should be able to go back to the old simple rule of only
>> updating the scripts on maint.
> I tried, and it looks good, methinks.
To me as well, but with an important nit below.

> I did this:
> git checkout maint
> git merge --no-ff msvc
> git diff maint branch-1.11 HACKING | patch -p1
> git diff maint branch-1.11 lib/Automake/ | patch -p1
> git diff maint branch-1.11 tests/ar-lib3.test | patch -p1
> git diff maint branch-1.11 tests/ar-lib4.test | patch -p1
> git diff maint branch-1.11 tests/extra-portability.test | patch -p1
> git diff maint branch-1.11 tests/extra-portability2.test | patch -p1
> git diff maint branch-1.11 tests/extradep.test | patch -p1
> git diff maint branch-1.11 tests/extradep2.test | patch -p1
> git diff maint branch-1.11 tests/ | patch -p1
> git add HACKING
> git add lib/Automake/
> git add tests/ar-lib3.test
> git add tests/ar-lib4.test
> git add tests/extra-portability.test
> git add tests/extra-portability2.test
> git add tests/extradep.test
> git add tests/extradep2.test
> git add tests/
> git commit --amend -C HEAD
This commit message won't be nearly good enough, unfortunately.  I think that,
for the sake of the future readers of the history, you should give a detailed
and motivated explanation of why this merge is needed.  Hopefully, you might
be able to condense it from our past (and present) discussion.  In particular,
you should explain:

  - why the msvc merged into branch-1.11 and the one merged into master have
    diverged (that issue about backward-compatibility for new warnings);

  - that the decision to merge msvc into branch-1.11, rather than into maint,
    has been a bad call (in hindsight);

  - that the merge you're doing, while complicating the history, will help
    us to simplify our workflow and get rid of a messy situation that is
    truly hindering development;

  - any other pertinent rationale, fact and/or explanation you can think of.

Could you try to write such a commit message, and post if for review before
pushing?  Otherwise, I'll try to do so myself -- but I strongly believe that
having such a "merge message", either from you or from me, is a necessary
prerequisite for pushing these changes.

> git checkout branch-1.11
> git merge --strategy=ours maint
> git checkout master
> git merge --strategy=ours maint
> I think I'd like to push that.  Ok?
OK once the above concerns have been addressed.


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