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Re: Getting rid of the msvc branch

From: Peter Rosin
Subject: Re: Getting rid of the msvc branch
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2012 20:32:29 +0100
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Stefano Lattarini skrev 2012-03-07 16:39:
> On 03/07/2012 04:00 PM, Peter Rosin wrote:
>> Peter Rosin skrev 2012-03-07 14:08:
>>> Do you think it would be at all possible to start with a msvc and maint
>>> that is freshly merged into both master and branch-1.11.  Then merge msvc
>>> into maint in such a way that maint resembles branch-1.11, then do dummy
>>> merges of maint into master and branch-1.11.  I.e. for the master case:
>>>     git checkout master; git merge --strategy=ours maint
>>> and similar for branch-1.11.  And then, finally, get rid of the obnoxious
>>> msvc branch...
>>> After that, we should be able to go back to the old simple rule of only
>>> updating the scripts on maint.
>> I tried, and it looks good, methinks.
> To me as well, but with an important nit below.
>> I did this:
>> git checkout maint
>> git merge --no-ff msvc
>> git diff maint branch-1.11 HACKING | patch -p1
>> git diff maint branch-1.11 lib/Automake/ | patch -p1
>> git diff maint branch-1.11 tests/ar-lib3.test | patch -p1
>> git diff maint branch-1.11 tests/ar-lib4.test | patch -p1
>> git diff maint branch-1.11 tests/extra-portability.test | patch -p1
>> git diff maint branch-1.11 tests/extra-portability2.test | patch -p1
>> git diff maint branch-1.11 tests/extradep.test | patch -p1
>> git diff maint branch-1.11 tests/extradep2.test | patch -p1
>> git diff maint branch-1.11 tests/ | patch -p1
>> git add HACKING
>> git add lib/Automake/
>> git add tests/ar-lib3.test
>> git add tests/ar-lib4.test
>> git add tests/extra-portability.test
>> git add tests/extra-portability2.test
>> git add tests/extradep.test
>> git add tests/extradep2.test
>> git add tests/
>> git commit --amend -C HEAD
> This commit message won't be nearly good enough, unfortunately.  I think that,
> for the sake of the future readers of the history, you should give a detailed
> and motivated explanation of why this merge is needed.  Hopefully, you might
> be able to condense it from our past (and present) discussion.  In particular,
> you should explain:
>   - why the msvc merged into branch-1.11 and the one merged into master have
>     diverged (that issue about backward-compatibility for new warnings);
>   - that the decision to merge msvc into branch-1.11, rather than into maint,
>     has been a bad call (in hindsight);
>   - that the merge you're doing, while complicating the history, will help
>     us to simplify our workflow and get rid of a messy situation that is
>     truly hindering development;
>   - any other pertinent rationale, fact and/or explanation you can think of.
> Could you try to write such a commit message, and post if for review before
> pushing?  Otherwise, I'll try to do so myself -- but I strongly believe that
> having such a "merge message", either from you or from me, is a necessary
> prerequisite for pushing these changes.

Yes, that commit message was a whee bit sketchy :-)

How about replacing "git commit --amend -C HEAD" with the below?


cat <<EOF | git commit --amend --file=-
Merge branch 'msvc' into maint

This merge remedies the confusing situation that some changes
destined for both the master branch and the release branch, a.k.a.
branch-1.11, currently needs to be made on the non-obvious msvc
branch instead of on the more natural maint branch.  This has caused
a seemingly endless string of less that optimal commits.

The reason for the confusion stems from the fact that the changes made
on the msvc branch became too radical and was considered only suitable
for the master branch, and was thus written in a form suitable for
master and then merged there.  Later, the msvc branch was merged
directly into branch-1.11, in order to rush the new features to the
market and to keep the released scripts (lib/ar-lib, lib/compile and
lib/depcomp) consistent with those on the master branch.  However,
some changes had to be made to the features added by the msvc branch
in order for them to fit the requirements of branch-1.11, notably that
the warnings issued in the extra-portability class cannot be enabled
by -Wall in the 1.11.x maintenance releases.

In retrospect, it would have been better to not merge msvc directly
into branch-1.11, but instead do it via the maint branch (followed up
with a dummy merge from maint into master) the moment it was decided
that the msvc changes should make it into branch-1.11.

All in all, this merge is not going to affect neither the master
branch nor branch-1.11, since it is followed up with dummy merges
masking all changes.  The merge is made to maintain the sanity of the
poor developers, who wishes to once again have a working maint branch.

Discussion about merging the msvc branch into branch-1.11:

Discussion about why this merge hasn't happened before:

Extra edits below.

* lib/Automake/ Use the version from branch-1.11.
* tests/ar-lib3.test: Likewise.
* tests/ar-lib4.test: Likewise.
* tests/extra-portability.test: Likewise.
* tests/extra-portability2.test: Likewise.
* tests/extradep.test: Likewise.
* tests/extradep2.test: Likewise.
* tests/ Likewise.
* HACKING: Backport the version from branch-1.11 while at it (as the
change on branch-1.11 is also present on master via an unrelated
commit), even though this change has nothing to do with the changes
on the msvc branch.

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