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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Thanks

From: Dale Seaburg
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Thanks
Date: Sat Jan 13 06:27:06 2001


Thank you for correcting my oversight.  I did not mean to slight Denis
by not mentioning his excellent contribution to this whole avr-gcc
effort.  I was merely wanted to thank those who gave me specific detail
that got me off dead-center and moving forward.  Sometimes when one is
new to a subject, they need a small push in the right direction to get
going.  Thanks again for that push!

J Wunsch wrote:
> Dale Seaburg <address@hidden> wrote:
> > A big thanks to Jason, Carl and especially to Joerg.
> Oh, don't forget Denis.  Without his work, we wouldn't have something
> to talk about in this mailing list at all. ;-)  The presence of avr-gcc
> was my prime reason to chose AVR for future microcontroller projects.
> ...
> My gripe with uisp was that there was no way to convince it to
> actually talk to my chips where the chip ID has been erased.  I don't
> know how this happens, but Atmel's application note AVR910 describes
> this phenomenon: under some circumstances, it's possible that an AVR
> chip doesn't repsond with the correct chip ID.  AVR910 talks about the
> ID being 3 * 0xff, i've seen this, as well as 3 * 0x00 on one AVR 1200
> chip.  The programmer i'm using now is able to override this, but uisp
> never worked when i tried to hack the code to override the chip ID.

This sounds like a challenge. ;-)  I can't say I'm up to it, mainly
because I found out yesterday, that I'm going to be gainfully employed
again (for at least about 300 hours) contracting to my old employer -
from whom I took early retirement two years ago.  I do programming on
mainframes (HP3000 and HP-UX) and from time to time on PC's (MS Access,
Visual Basic, Excel Macros, etc.)  That employment will keep me busy for
a while.  My "play time" will be devoted to learning Java for using
Dallas Semi's 1-wire iButton products for some Renewable Energy
applications I want to explore.  And, lastly, I'm NOT a fan of the C
language.  That in itself is a major challenge to me!  But, as you can
see, I'm still attempting to learn ;-)

> Oh, i'm seeing KG5LT.  Interestingly enough, my first `serious' AVR
> project i'm thinking about will be a replacement for the
> fixed-frequency crystal oscillators of old VHF walkie-talkies, to be
> replaced by a DDS oscillator controlled by an AVR.  Hope i'll get it
> working some day...

Now, you have piqued my curiosity, Joerg.  Keep us informed on your
progress.  I've always wanted to build a "crystal replacement" for
rock-bound rigs, such as commercial two-way radios that are cheaply had
at swapfests.  A few years back I looked into Qualcomm's efforts with
their DDS chip, but did not pursue it.

> 73 de DL8DTL

73 - Dale.  KG5LT

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