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Re: uisp - was Re: [avr-gcc-list] Thanks

From: Marek Michalkiewicz
Subject: Re: uisp - was Re: [avr-gcc-list] Thanks
Date: Sun Jan 14 06:19:04 2001

> I do have a question or two:  what is the difference between these two
> switches: -dstk200 and -davrisp?  I have the cable/dongle from my
> STK200, so I assume, and use the -dstk200 option.  I'm assuming, because
> you differentiate, the Atmel AVR ISP (cable?) must be not the same as
> the cable from the STK200.  Is this correct?

I added it from the hacked version of uisp I received some time ago.
For the STK200 (and probably STK300 too), use -dstk200 as before, I don't
know really where this different "Atmel AVR ISP" came from ;)

> With regard to the --segment option, is this for selecting which area
> (flash, eeprom or fuse) gets uploaded?  It appears from the --help that

Yes.  It works for downloading (device -> file) too.  (The download/upload
names are a bit confusing, read/write would be better I think.)

> if one were to use the srec format for the upload file that this would
> be auto-selected.  Is this assumption correct?

It may be auto-selected if the name encoded in the header of the file
(ASCII converted to hex) is one of flash/eeprom/fuse.  AVA did this,
binutils encodes the name of the output file instead (like a.out.srec)
so it is best to use --segment to be sure.


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