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[avr-gcc-list] Atmel .asm to avr-as xlator

From: Dale Seaburg
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] Atmel .asm to avr-as xlator
Date: Sun Jan 14 15:14:04 2001

OK, now that I have my avr-gcc tools working (except for gdb, but I
won't go into that now - it can wait), I have some code examples given
me that were written for the Atmel/IAR assembler.  Does anyone have a
utility to translate these files into code that the avr-as will handle?

I hand edited the 8515def.inc file, and now it doesn't cause the avr-as
fits.  But, it looks like the next piece of code will be somewhat harder
because of its length, and I don't always know what avr-as is expecting
when it hits a snag in the IAR-compatible file.

Any help or words of wisdom / comments / guffaws?   ;-)

Thanks, again.


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