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[avr-gcc-list] Re: jtagice and avarice not work

From: Theodore Roth
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] Re: jtagice and avarice not work
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 10:47:05 -0600 (MDT)

On Wed, 31 Jul 2002, Klaus Rudolph wrote:

:) Hallo all,
:) I have a new avr jtag ice. Shipped in
:) february to my dealer. I ordered it last
:) week and got this one now.
:) If I want to set the execution position,
:) the avr-gdb got "E01". Try it a second
:) time after that error the debugger hang
:) avr-gdb is version 5.2.1 (no patch needed? Theodore?)

No patch is needed. I did post a very small patch here a few days ago
which fixed a minor bug.

:) avarice is 1.5.

That's what I use. I have patched it a bit, but my patches don't affect
the functionality logic.

:) Anything to old here? (Maybe to new :-))
:) I donĀ“t really know the firmware number. The only
:) thing I know is that avr studio want to update this
:) firmware version (avr-studio version 4.04 build 166)
:) So, this firmware might be to old for windows
:) and to new for avarice.
:) Question 1:
:) Has anyone a running avarice/jtag combination and
:) can give me the correct firmware version?
:) You are able to set execution position and
:) could you single step after that?

I use this combo at home and at work. No problems for the most part, but I
have had some intermittant cases where the first few bytes of flash don't
appear to have the correct values (nops and cpcs instead of rjmps).

I have now idea what the firmware in the stk500 or jtagice is. I did have
problems with my setup at home. It didn't work until I hooked the jtagice
up to my girlfriend's windoze box using avr-studio 3.5x to update the
firmware. My setup at work, just worked out of the box.

:) Question2:
:) Has anyone updatet with the actual windows avr studio
:) and know if avarice is running after that.
:) There is no way back i think.
:) If the protocol changes a bit i will again rework
:) it and bring that up to actual. But
:) if atmel has dirty tricks in to push the free world
:) out i have a problem. Any one out there how can tell me
:) what is ongoing here?

I uses avr-studio to update my jtagice with no problems. Of course this
was months ago and Atmel could have a new version out now which breaks

:) Question3:
:) What should I do now? :-)
:) It looks like a complete broken toolchain.
:) uisp is currently not working with actual
:) stk500 boards! :-( I have added some bugfixes
:) this week but this changes are not part of cvs :-(
:) In addition only 2 devices with stk500 tested. mega128
:) and at1200) Also reading fusebits stk500
:) in serial mode is broken. Lots to do!

I haven't forgotten about your patch. I need some time to test it with my
boards and see if it breaks things with the old firmware.

:) avarice seems also not able to run.
:) simulavr works, but have no EE & port and
:) peripherals simulation
:) avrmon is also broken with actual gdb.
:) Is there any way to come to work again?

Well, with the few people that are working on all these tools, it's going
to be slow. Plus, dealing with proprietary interfaces (which seem to
change regularly) makes things difficult too. Keep sending bug reports and
patches and things will hopefully improve. If things work for me and I
don't hear about problems for others, I can't do anything about it.

Ted Roth

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