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Re: bbdb3 not automatically adding new entries

From: Bob Newell
Subject: Re: bbdb3 not automatically adding new entries
Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2020 07:26:48 -1000

This is how I do my setup to capture email addresses to my .bbdb .
It's a bit complex but I've refined it over time. Some of the options
may or may not be what you want.

;;; We want to do auto-capture of addresses to/from some mail.
(bbdb-mua-auto-update-init 'gnus 'message 'mail)
;;; This can no longer be 't' as that over-rides
;;; bbdb-accept-message-alist. However it should be 't'
;;; if you don't use bbdb-accept-message-alist.
(setq bbdb-mua-auto-update-p 'bbdb-select-message)
;;; We also need to change the default update behavior.
(setq bbdb-mua-update-interactive-p '(t . query))
;;; Changed from t on 2019-09-26.
(setq bbdb-update-records-p 'create)
;;; This causes trouble. But setting to nil causes more trouble as too
;;; many spurious dups are found.
(setq bbdb-allow-duplicates t)
;;; Auto-extend and auto-update names and emails.
(setq bbdb-add-mails t)
(setq bbdb-add-name t)
;;; Updates are silent.
(setq bbdb-mua-pop-up nil)

This is all well and good but I found I was capturing far too much
stuff in .bbdb, for instance every address from every mailing list and
so on. So I set the following variables to make sure I only capture
things addressed directly to me in one way or another, and to
eliminate obvious junk. This is not perfect and is forever a work in
progress. (My actual list of acceptable email addresses is much
longer, but I've cut it out because there's no need for me to post
every email address I have!)

(setq bbdb-accept-message-alist
    '( ("To" . "address@hidden")
       ("Cc" . "address@hidden")
       ("Bcc:" . "address@hidden")
       ("From" . "address@hidden")
;;; duplicate the above for each email address that you use

;;; But eliminate obviously useless stuff. This is far from perfect
but it helps a lot.
(setq bbdb-ignore-message-alist
      '(("From" . "donotreply")
("Mail-Followup-to" . "donotreply")
("Reply-to" . "donotreply")
("From" . "noreply")
("Mail-Followup-to" . "noreply")
("Reply-to" . "noreply")
("From" . "no-reply")
("Mail-Followup-to" . "no-reply")
("Reply-to" . "no-reply")
("From" . "no_reply")
("Mail-Followup-to" . "no_reply")
("Reply-to" . "no_reply")

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