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Re: A request to add information on gprofng

From: Ruud van der Pas
Subject: Re: A request to add information on gprofng
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2022 14:50:41 +0000

Hi Nick,

Thank you very much for the fast response!

I hope you've enjoyed your vacation.

> Doh!  Sorry - this is my bad.  I should have thought to ask you.

Hey, no problem at all! Also, you have been really busy getting
2.39 out of the door!!

> Take a slice of lemon, wrap it around a gold brick and, oh no, sorry,
> that is the recipe for a pan galactic gargle blaster.  Ahem.


> If you can tell me what you want to say I will add it to the page.
> Even better if you can provide me with some HTML formatted text I
> can just insert it at the proper place.

That is great! Thanks very much :-)

We'll have our gprofng meeting in a little over 2 hours and I
will bring it up. I'll send you the text soon after.

By the way, will you be at Cauldron? I plan to attend and would
love to meet in person!

Kind regards, Ruud

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