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Re: A request to add information on gprofng

From: Nick Clifton
Subject: Re: A request to add information on gprofng
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2022 12:35:27 +0100
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Hi Kurt,

     I did inquire with the overseers about what was possible approximately two 
months ago and they suggested it would be best under binutils.

Makes sense to me.

     A few things we are thinking would help gprofng:
         - a gprofng FAQ where questions could be answered and recorded for 
users or developers
         - pointers to useful gprofng presentations that were recorded by 
         - helpful info to support developers interested in porting gprofng to 
new platforms

     These would likely be asynchronously and incrementally changing as there 
are new questions asked or new presentations

     Do other binutils projects provide this sort of info somewhere?

No - you would be the first. :-)

Well unless you count the online documentation which is really just
an HTML formatted copy of the .texi files found in the sources.

     If this might be too much we could ask for a savannah.org project page, 
put this sort of info there,
     and link to it from sourceware.org?

You can do either.  But I am totally OK with you having a sub-directorty
below the sourceware binutils main web directory.


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